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NewsScan Daily, 29 May 2002
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written by John Gehl and Suzanne Douglas,

Here's a project that will be of interest to many readers of NewsScan Daily: ANTICIPATION ("The end is where we start from"), an integrated publication consisting of a DVD, a Web site and a book enabling the integration and convergence of media: 1. The interactive video experience on the TV set (video narration with interactive frames), focused on the answering the question, What is anticipation?; 2. The interactive multimedia experience involving the use of the computer, focused on answering the question, How does anticipation affect us?; and 3. The interactive learning experience, involving the World Wide Web and focused on the WHY? and WHERE? questions: Why study anticipation and where are the sources of knowledge pertinent to the subject?

As a repository of knowledge, the Web site posts articles and other forms of scientificpublications. It serves as home base for a knowledge community on the topic of anticipation, and as an open forum for discussions on various aspects of

The book serves as a guiding instrument defining the general framework of anticipation as a characteristic of living systems and
suggests ways in which knowledge gained in the study of anticipatory systems will eventually be applied. (The book, with text in English, German, and French, was designed by one of the world leaders in design, Uwe Loesch, known for his provocative poster design projects.)

The DVD is the result of a major research project funded by the German Science Foundation. It advances a new concept in dynamic interfaces. Additional support was provided by Sun and Sony. The "living' component of this publication, i.e., the Web site, will continue to grow as more knowledge is acquired and more applications are developed.

The director of "Anticipation" and various related projects is Professor Dr. Mihai Nadin, whose previous works include the brilliant book, "The Civilization of Illiteracy," which was lavishly praised by, among many others, the novelist and philosopher Umberto Eco.