The Anticipation Project has been in the works for several years.
In 1999, Mihai Nadin published Anticipation—A SpookyComputation, which set the foundation for further work. The Project aim’s to explain the basic concepts of anticipation in order to arouse awareness of “the new frontier in science,” as Nadin calls it. This awareness will stimulate more research and lead to practical applications in products (e.g., robots), preventive techniques (e.g., in medicine and the economy, fight against terrorism), and solutions to various problems in the social, educational, labor, and political spheres. Dissemination of information on the subject of Anticipation:

  • Book: Uwe Loesch, the internationally acclaimed designer, will design the print version of the project.
  • Video (television): programs with scientific content
  • Internet: a reference site ( ) is under construction
  • Interactive CD-ROM and DVD for different platforms

Related Projects

University of California, Berkeley (USA)
BISC (Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing)
Special Interest Group in Anticipatory Systems

The purpose of this SIG is to research soft computing to better understand and apply anticipatory mechanisms.