Credits & Sponsors

Anticipation The end is where we start from

A research project by:

Mihai Nadin, Ph. D.
Computational Design
University of Wuppertal

in collaboration with

Group Of Pictures, Cologne
Consulting, DVD-Video & DVD-ROM authoring, programming

Computational Design Team:

Cordula Christ, MA Economics, Marketing & Communication
Katja Dummer, Office Manager
Stefan Maas, BA Design, Project Manager
Prof. Torsten Stapelkamp, Interfacedesign, University of Applied Science Bielefeld

Design & Programming:
Patrick Feldmann, BA Design, Creative Direction

Frank Hegel, BA Design, Art Direction
Rouven Kroth, Art Direction

Uwe Krägeloh, MA Design, Research Assistant, Video Support

Andreas Küpper, BA Design, Web Design

Ingo Dieners, Sebastian Fittko, Sue Kim, Holger Kofler,
Christian Leskovar, Rafael Pokorski, Felix Timm

Editorial Staff:
Ingo Dieners, Mark Lewis, Falko Müller, Elvira Nadin

Scientific Consulting:
Marcus Richter, MS Physics, Ph.D. program

Technical & Programming Support:
Lutz Müller, BS Physics

External Staff

Design & Programming:
Anke Bernotat, MA Design
Sabine Bokelberg, BA Design

Grischa Göddertz, Marcel Panne
in collaboration with
basswerk, DJ Cheetah

Stefan Sofariu

Flash 5 Programming:
uscreen GmbH, Wuppertal
Volker Kreß, Principal

Sound Design:
echolab, Cologne
Grischa Göddertz, Marcel Panne
in collaboration with
Joe Malik, Cologne

Audio & Video Recording, Video Support:
Audio Visual Media Center (AVMZ), University of Wuppertal
Uli Christmann, Hubertus Knopff, Helga Laarmann, Wilfried Wilken

Mark Lewis

Improvisational Music:
Peter Kowald
Ute Völker

Print Support:
Computer Center, University of Wuppertal
Rudi Brahm

Copyright Disclaimer

Quotations (texts, images, sounds, film and video clips, animations, etc.) are integrated in this Projekt according to internationally accepted rules of academic fair usage. The quotations remain the property of their respective owners and copyright holders. The material is used for educational purposes only. All mentioned company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. The scientific contributions were made available by the respective authors.

Video and Audio Excerpts:
Vision of the future: Philips Design
Lufthansa AG
Benetton Group
The Matrix: Warner Brothers
Rocky; Ronin: MGM/United Artists
Forrest Gump; The Truman Show: Paramount Pictures
Playtime: BMG Video
WTC: CNN International
Das Experiment: Senator Film Verleih GmbH
Psycho; Flying Deuces: Universal Studios
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Fox Entertainment
Star Wars: Lucasfilm
BBC London

WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk
ARD Fernsehen / 3Sat
All is full of love: Björk Overseas Ltd
Only you: portishead

Maximilian Schönherr
Thomas Lippert, Ph. D.
Theoretical Physics, University of Wuppertal

Partners and Sponsors

DFG (German Science Foundation), Bonn
Group Of Pictures, Cologne
Sony DADC Austria AG, Salzburg
DaimlerChrysler AG, Berlin
Stanford University
MetaDesign, San Francisco
echolab, Köln
uscreen GmbH, Wuppertal
Center for the Study of Complex Systems, Bonn University
Institute for Applied Information Science, University of Wuppertal
PK & A, Essen
University of Bielefeld

Philips Design, Eindhoven
Pesch Wohnen, Cologne
stoll wohnbedarf, Cologne
SUN Microsystems, Palo Alto
Head of Design, Wuppertal
College of Art & Design, University of Wuppertal
Wuppertal Gmbh
City of Wuppertal
Dept. City Marketing and Business Communication

Support from the following
individuals is gratefully acknowledged:

Chuck Byrne
Hugh Dubberly
Peter Esmond
Nathan Felde
Sorin Finckelstein
Michel Futtersack, Ph. D.
Jeffrey Nickerson, Ph. D.
Paul Pangaro, Ph. D.

© 2001 Mihai Nadin, Computational Design / MINDesign